Design a Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are usually made of knitted cotton instead of woven cloth, usually a piqué knit, or less commonly an interlock knit or using other fibers such as silk, merino wool, synthetic fibers, or blends of natural and synthetic fibers. A dress-length version of the shirt is called a polo dress To design a shirt […]

Polo shirt design

During the 20th Century, tennis players wore “tennis whites” which consisted of long-sleeve button up shirts, usually worn with the sleeves rolled up. The attire was not suitable for tennis playing or comfort. Seven-time French Grand Slam tennis champion René Lacoste,designed a white, short-sleeved, loosely-knit piqué cotton which he wore at the 1926 U.S. Open […]

Polo Shirt printing

Polo shirt printing is an easy and creative way to earn extra money or start a home business without having to out lay a lot of money. Polo Shirt printing has become a way that artists can express their creativity and artistic vision.  Polo shirt printers all over Australia and around the world are busy […]