Polo Shirt Printing

If you require a custom Polo shirt for your next event or party you have come to the right place.

If you have a special custom Polo shirt or want to develop a range, we would love to talk to you about your garment printing and distribution requirements.

Custom Polo shirt printing is used for the corporate promotions merchandise across every sector of society. Custom Polo shirt printing is an easy and creative way to earn extra money or start a home business without having to out lay a lot of money.

During the late 19th Century Polo shirts became a fashionable outwear. Custom Polo shirt printing grew in popularity as a form outdoor wear By the 1970s organizations were using Polo shirts as their as casual corporate work wear. Custom printing and branding continued to grow during the following decades until today Polo shirts are used by companies, governments and private individuals.

Since the early 2000 online shopping and the rise of social media, saw a increase in custom personalized Polo shirt printing, with video sharing sites came DIY tutorials for how to produce a custom Polo shirt.

Custom Polo shirt printing mainly utilizes the following printing techniques :

1) Digital ink – small machines industrial machine
2) Digital Vinyl – print & cut
3) Sublimation – all over printing onto polyester fabrics
4) Screen printing – traditional printing techniques
5) Embroidery

Other custom Polo shirt printing methods included paints, dyes, spray paint, stencilling, stamping, bleaching..

Custom printed Polo shirts

Custom printed Polo shirts allow a organisations to create a professional presentation and uniformity of its employees.

Categories for custom printed Polo shirts include designs for artistic and political expression, covering sectors of society from religion, politics, sports, music and personal photos.